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Corruption is an intractable problem Essay

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4 most interactive ways to remove the roots of corruption in India When I think about corruption, I think about me and you, I think about us and the society, and I also think about those corrupted persons, who are fighting for corrupting the corruption. Corruption is not a pebble that you can pick it up and throw it, like it is nothing. Corruption is one million times bigger than the Everest, and the same amount of times, deeper than the deepest oceans. But as a matter of fact, corruption is not a physical structure and is now in our DNA and is flowing within us, in our blood and our heart is pumping it, loving it and nurturing it like nothing else. By looking at others we cannot see corruption rather we have to look within us to see the mightiness of corruption. The entire body of the society is corrupted, and just we cannot alone blame the politicians, executives, judiciary, business persons or anyone else for promoting corruption. Can we make India corruption free? Can we really fight against us? Well, likewise thousands of questions are raised every day by you and me. And the answer is, yes! We can but not a big YES. Yes! We can eradicate corruption from India. But let me make it crystal clear to you that we cannot just eradicate it, by changing laws, by doing hunger strikes, and street fighters on the road, nor we are eradicate it by the virtue of some persons who are fighting for removing corruption from India. And let me also tell you that all the dramas you watch on television and stories you read on the internet are not and never going to help in any way to fight with corruption. So what to do? How to eradicate corruption from India? Well, let me suggest you some of the possible ways to fight and win over the corruption. As a matter of fact let me also make it clear that we cannot eradicate corruption at the stroke of the midnight, it will definitely take the necessary amount of time, and anything all of a sudden will have terrible consequences. 1. Change in Law

Some people believe that by making certain changes in LAW and refreshing the old law with new twists, we can diminish the tower of corruption. Well, I believe it will help at least .05 % or even less. There are many holes in Law and these holes are for eternity, so just by tweaking from here and there nothing great could be achieved. But definitely it will help, so we must bring the necessary changes to our municipal law. 2. Introduction of New laws

At present, many power thirsty persons are shouting and roaring like injured lions, to introduce new interactive laws to uproot the roots of this evil. But by just introducing a new law, nothing will happen because at present we have handful laws for punishing and tampering the murders, rapists, dacoits and etc. And every day thousands of cognizable offences are committed and due to lack of evidence, loopholes in law and more because of the broken pillars of our judiciary system, the accused are released free. Day by day the pillars of our judiciary system are diminishing and if this quake continues then the entire system will breakdown within next 10 years, as a house made of sand, slopes down, by the slight of a breath. No amount of punishment, no amount of penalties can engulf corruption from head to toe. At first, we need to set back the broken pillars of the judiciary system, and make sure that the already established penalties are implemented in the right way, Murdered, dacoits, rapist should be published. Every person who does cognizable offences should be punished without delay. From another point of view, I believe that something is definitely better than nothing. So at this level of esteem evils, some new laws will certainly help to some extent, and that some extent, seems better than no extents. 3. Bringing awareness among people

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We must bring awareness amount people about corruption. Well, this seems to me a big joke. We Indian, with the blessings of GOD, are much more aware about corruption than many western countries. In fact, that day when people will say, ‘What is corruption? Pardon, we have never heard of it, will be the day of wisdom for India. We must not create awareness about the evils of corruption, we must not ask our students to write an essay or give a speech on corruption. Because the more we talk and learn about corruption, the more we will attract corruption towards us. But does this mean that we should not speak anything about corruption. Is it physically possible to shut our mouth towards corruption? No, but we must… Well, the above points will just touch corruption, but will not even pinch it. The nuclear bomb or in local words BRAHMA YASTRA that can completely eradicate corruption is this: 4. HATE and ABANDON

Well, we need to hypnotize ourselves, our society, men and women, children’s and every breathing soul of India, not to hate corruption, because we all hate corruption, but to hate the corrupt people. I think this is the wisdom of the day. We should hate and treat the corrupt people in the very same way in which our ancestors (high class people) were treating the untouchables, at that frame of time. Every corrupt person should be treated as an untouchable person and every innocent person of the society should hate the corrupt person from within the deep cores of his heart. A corrupt person should be declared as a person belonging to a separate race (devils race) of the society. His family, friends and relatives should be warned not to come close to him; else they should be also treated as corrupted. Circumstances should be created in such a way, so that an innocent person should not give food, water and shelter to a corrupted person. The family of a corrupt person, should be looked as an alien family, and the basic facility of education, services and business licenses should not be provided to any of his family persons, unless and until they themselves eliminate and abandon the corrupt person from their family. In simply terms, things should be done in such a way, so that the non-corrupt persons should hate the corrupt persons. And the good news is that more that 80 % of our population are in no way corrupted. So when the majority of the innocent population will abandon the minority of the corrupt population, the rules of science will win, the majority will crush the minority, but again not at the stroke of midnight, but eventually. For this someone, at some point of time, but no one in isolation, must promote and cultivate hate in the minds of the common uncorrupt minds of India, towards the corrupt minds. Responsiveness, accountability and transparency are a must for a clean system. Bureaucracy, the backbone of good governance, should be made more citizen friendly, accountable, ethical and transparent. More and more courts should be opened for speedy & inexpensive justice so that cases don’t linger in courts for years and justice is delivered on time. Local bodies, Independent of the government, like Lokpals, Lokadalats, CVCs and Vigilance Commissions should be formed to provide speedy justice with low expenses. CONCLUSION

Corruption is an intractable problem. It is like diabetes, can only be controlled, but not totally eliminated. It may not be possible to root out
corruption completely at all levels but it is possible to contain it within tolerable limits. Honest and dedicated persons in public life, control over electoral expenses could be the most important prescriptions to combat corruption. Corruption has a corrosive impact on our economy. It worsens our image in international market and leads to loss of overseas opportunities. Corruption is a global problem that all countries of the world have to confront, solutions, however, can only be home grown. I used the sentence “we the common man are the solution” because we are the only reason why corruption is so popular in INDIA. We are the persons who are motivating corruption to be successful. We support corruption that is why it exits. Since we are the only person who elects ministers that are supporting corruption in INDIA. Common citizen of INDIA let us start working from now onwards with common goal of removing corruption from INDIA. Think the day when we will achieve our goal and whole world will say “INDIA IS AN DEVELOPED COUNTRY.

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