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  • The Taj Mahal

    The Taj Mahal consists of white marble inlayed with semi-precious stones. The exterior of the Taj Mahal is very stylized and decorative. The surface area changes the decorations are refined proportionally. The decorative elements were created by applying paint, stucco, stone inlays, or carvings. Because of the Islamic prohibition of the decor or human form,… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Tale of Captain Bookbeard: an Account of Book Piracy

    The Tale of Captain BookBeard: An account of Book Piracy A bibliophilic stroll in the streets and lanes of Kolkata is bound to get across the cries of Captain BookBeard coming from the Sea of Poppies1, The Sea of Monsters2 and The Ship of Stars3, and as one starts to wonder about the whereabouts of… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Techniques Used in American Beauty

    Throughout American Beauty, Mendes? use of set design and camera angles have been carefully structured to emphathise the ? lm? s theme of imprisonment. In the opening scene the audience? s introduction to the lead character is Lester Burnham taking a shower. Mendes (1999) states this is the ? rst jail cell the audience sees… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Telangana Rebellion

    The Telangana Rebellion was a peasant revolt which was later supported by the Communists. It took place in the former princely state of Hyderabad between 1946 and 1951. This was led by the Communist Party of India. [5] The revolt began in the Nalgonda district and quickly spread to the Warangal and Bidar districts. Peasant farmers and labourers revolted against the local feudal landlords (jagirdars and deshmukhs) and later against the Osman… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Tensions of the Old and New During the 1920s

    After witnessing the devastating, yet human-induced tragedies of World War I, the psyche of America was never the same. They abandoned their fundamental beliefs that the Western Civilization was not a model, but flawed society and turned their attention towards internal affairs, signaling the beginning of American isolationism. As William Allen White put it, Americans… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Term of Coaching

    Coaching – is a method of teaching or training in which a coach helps for trainee to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal. Coaching is a way to help people make the best use of their own resources.

  • The Theme of Conflict in the First Six Chapters in Lord of the Flies

    The novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, is the book I have read recently. At the beginning Ralph and Jack like each other, but Jack’s aggressive and domineering nature makes him unable to accept Ralph’s leadership. Ralph is unable to understand Jack’s obsession with hunting and is furious with him when he lets… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Things That Make Me Who I Am

    I believe that my culture is the most important thing that shows who I am and who I will always be. Growing up in a small community like Barrow, has brought me closer to my Inupiat culture because I am always surrounded by my family and others of my kind. In my culture, I was… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Third ; Final Continent Themes

    Everybody feels he must get to the top. Don’t expect an English cup of tea. ” “Car horns, shrill and prolonged, blared one after another. Flashing sirens heralded endless emergencies, and a fleet of buses rambled past their doors opening and closing with a powerful hiss, throughout the night. The noise was constantly distracting, at… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Threat of the Expansion of the Banana Plantation

    According to studies of the Davao City Water District, 98 percent of the city’s drinking water is sourced from groundwater mainly from Talomo-Lipadas. This 38,000-hectare watershed has an annual volume of water catch of 760 million cubic meters (MCM) or 2 MCM per day. It is one of the nine watersheds in the city that… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Three Major Security Threats in Healthcare

    Nowadays Doctors and Nurses has several mobile devices in order to provide patient care. Virtualization is very important in providing adequate and affordable patient care in the rural health industry. Attempts to breach security happen every day in our agency. Preventing cyber-attacks and security breaches is a never ending battle in network security.

  • The Tide Rises and the Tide Falls

    The Tide Rises and The Tide Falls is a poem that is filled with symbolism. I think the tide represents the everyday life of people, which is continuously being repeated over and over. Also, the calling of sea in the darkness’ symbolizes the upcoming death. The author’s tone in this poem is very clear and… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

    Malcom Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference focuses on defining and outlining why trends and phenomenon occur. Gladwell outlines the occurrence of trends through three laws: The Law of the Few, The Stickiness Factor, and The Power of Context. The Law of the Few suggests that roughly twenty… VIEW ESSAY

  • The title of the book I read was 1491

    New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus. It was written by Charles C. Mann. Other books by this author include Noah’s Choice: The Future of Endangered Species and The Second Creation: Makers of the Revolution in Twentieth-Century Physics. 1491 is based around Native Americans and how they really lived before European settlers came to the… VIEW ESSAY

  • The TJX company

    The company used Wired Equivalent Privacy encryption system to handle their client’s credit and debit card information. This system was very easy for any hacker to gain access to people’s information. It was completely out of date and did not encrypt anything within the company, which made it more vulnerable. They did not install firewall… VIEW ESSAY

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