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English-language films Essay

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There is quote by Martin Luther King Jr that says “ Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable, every step toward that goal of justice requires sacrifice,suffering and struggle , the timeless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals. So, the path to justice will always be a challenge as it is inevitable, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Along the line of justice , we may face challenges and must learn to face it head on in order to overcome this obstacle. Through the 3 texts studied, it can be concluded that along the line of justice there will always be challenges faced and one may succeed or fail based on their individual will to do so. For instance , Amir the protagonist from the Kite Runner shows this clearly when he faced many challenges that lied in front of him in order to bring justice and redemption for what he had done in the past . Amir had to encounter the problem of going back into Afghanistan, which at that particular period of time was a war-torn country and is potentially life threatening to anyone who can be said to be courageous or mentally deranged to do so.

But , after learning from Rahim Khan that Amir and Hassan were actually half brothers ,Amir with devastation from the news pulled through with courage and marched into the country with the sole purpose of saving Sohrab from the evil grasps of Assef, whom at that time was the Taliban leader. Amir confronted Assef and in return Assef challenged him to a duel to the death. Amir had no choice to face his demons of the past by going against him head on in hopes that he can bring redemption and justice to Hassan. Amir was beaten to a pulp by Assef mercilessly and was at the brink of death. With the aid of Sohrab with his slingshot, both of them managed to escape. One challenge after another , Amir had to face the problem at the American Embassy when he could not get Sohrab a visa to bring him into America. When Sohrab heard about the news he could not bare with the news and decided to commit suicide. At all odds , Amir persevered through the hardships and managed to save Sohrab and brought justice for Hassan and Sohrab. Thus , it can be seen that challenges will always be faced as Amir went along the path to justice . Moreover , Molly from the Rabbit Proof Fence also shows that challenges will be faced in order to achieve justice. Molly was a young half caste girl had to face the challenge of escaping the camp that she was forced out , reason being that she wanted to go home back to her family and could not stand the injustice that was
occurring there .It was evident that Molly was a strong willed leader who would not take failure as an answer. Molly who courageously escaped from the camp had the challenge of not only avoiding being captured and brought back to the camp where they beat up those who tried to escape but also had the responsibility taking her little siblings under her wing to ensure they were safe.Also, Molly had another challenge when she and her siblings realized they were following the wrong fence.

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Any normal person would at least show a hint of despair or depression, yet Molly kept a stern face of determination and continued to lead her siblings with a confident personality. On the way home, Molly also faced the problem of starvation where she could have faced the possibilities of death but still made the quick rational decision to move on and persevere. Luckily for her and her young charges , she met a traveler along the journey and was given some food .Hence, it can be seen that in the path to justice many challenges will be faced as Molly had to face challenges in order to obtain her justice which was her freedom . Lastly another good example of the path of justice will have many challenges is shown by the character Momm. Momm who had been pimped for five years and seemed near to cracking from the strain had been given justice by Nick and she was brought back to her hometown all the way across Cambodia. Momm faced the challenge of confronting her family, she feared that after not having kept in contact with her family for so many years her family would not accept her and felt that she herself had brought dishonor to her family. But , her family welcomed her home with open arms and was very supportive of her opening a business back in her hometown. This shows that the family is willing and able to support her and empower her.Even so, Momm had another challenge which was being addicted to drugs , specifically methamphetamines. Because of this she had to fight her inner demons back and forth, failing to do so. The addiction overtakes her and she failed to break off from this challenge thus leading her to go back to the very place that was filled with injustice. This showed that all the help resulted in failure and Momm was not able to take the bull by the horn and face the adversaries. In conclusion , it is crystal clear that in the path of justice there will be many challenges , as for Momm she had been given the chance of freedom and justice but addiction took over her mind and body.

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