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Essay About Biology Essay

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Most people have to choose subjects that are necessary for there future jobs and concentrate on them. But there is always some secret desire to know more about some particular things. If I could study a subject that I have never had the opportunity to study I would choose “Anatomy” which is a branch of Biology .

First , Studying Biology is important for a number of reasons, but in particular because it is used in every field. If we did not have a good understanding of Biology then nobody would be able to understand how bodies work, and how life on earth functions . Biology has many branches including : Anatomy – Astrobiology – Cryobiology -Entomology- Oceanography etc .. But I would like to choose Anatomy due to some reasons . Anatomy is the identification and description of the structures of living things. It is a branch of biology and medicine which can be divided into three branches : human anatomy, zootomy (animal anatomy), and phytotomy (plant anatomy). Studying “Anatomy “ not only lets you see how the world around you and your body works, but why it works that way. It gives you the knowledge to look after your body and others’ around you , lets you understand things you might never have done before, and helps you to learn and understand the structures and functions of the major body systems. Also It allows us to build and improve technology that allows people to be cured from illnesses or diseases and allows a society to obtain better overall well-being and health. Finally , Without biology there would be no doctors. There would be no hospitals and there would be no real way to help people with the problems that they experience with their body. It is because of the progression of biological studies that the world’s population is healthier than ever before. For this reason I think It’s incredibly important for biology to continue being studied with its various branches in schools, universities , colleges and all over the world .

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