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Promote Professional Development Essay

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1.1It is very important to always continue learning and training as this will always give good practice,this can be done through training courses, when starting with the company we all undertake mandatory training and this will be followed up by refreshing each course yearly or as and when needed, staffs in their supervision will be asked if they would like to take up and advanced courses and also we would also discuss about what training needs to be refreshed. Staffs also need to have a good understanding as to why they are taking the training course and how it will benefit them. 1.2When doing any type off training we will always come up against barriers this could be anything from getting time to fit the training in amongst our busy work schedule some staff do a varied shift pattern/family life/money/resources so when looking at training we need to look at the best way to do this and the way the training will be carried out, We need to ensure that staffs will turn up to do the training which has been planned and that it will be easy for them to get to the training as some training can be far away and not easy to attend. Staffs can be put off by the training if they are not familiar with the surroundings where they are attending.

1.3When taking up any kind of professional development we need to look at the best way to do this and how the organisation will support us, training could be done on the internet but then we need to look at the resources needed for example computers/printer/internet connection/a good quiet room/office to be able to sit down and do the training ,we would also have to look at the books that would be of use and available to the studies, if taking up in house or external training we could use mentors or a buddy scheme to work beside the member off staff this will be a very good way to support staff while they are doing their training and will encourage them along their way, and support them this is very reassuring for the person when stepping out of their comfort zone as many people feel uncomfortable when taking up any type of training courses. 1.4We need to look at what is revelant when doing training and is it really needed who will need to do it and where it will be done, Do we have the resources do we have the money, how we will implement the course, at the same time we need to think on the positive side and if the training is for good practice them it should be funded and all staff should carry it out as this will promote good practice and knowledge, it is always important to keep up to speed with the changes that are taking place, as times are always changing. 2.1As a manager it is good to evaluate my own knowledge and keep up to date with good practice this would be by keeping up with monthly supervisions/appraisals also to keep in touch with me superior and up to speed with the changes going on within the company and the outside, policy and procedures must always be updated and kept, sometimes keeping on top off all the daily/weekly/monthly paper work can be a real challenge as we all have very busy work schedules and things like policy and procedures are changing all the time and rules and regulations are also changing organisations paper work can be very challenging as this must be kept up to date.

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2.2 We need to look at our personal development and how we can prioritise to develop our skills and knowledge and to work by the standards expected of us, we need to think as to where we want to be and how far we can push ourselves to work at best practice , This can be done by talking with our line manager and discussing what training we would like and also discuss further development within our job role or promotion within the company, we have to belief in ourselves and our values to be able to promote the best practice and give our best service so progression is always good. 3.1When we look at taking/or applying any kind of training we need to look at the bigger picture we need to look at our staff individualy and look at the best way for them to be able to progress and develop, some workers could have a language barrier so we would need to address this when applying personal development, this could be by sending them on a language course or it could be a case of a using a visual way of learning. 3.2S W A T analysis is a good tool for looking at our organisations strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats. Even as an employee this can be a good tool to use and asses a person and their needs, We can also use supervision/appraisals to look at an individuals development plan, and how this could be looked at, This would be able to keep us on tract and keep regular meeting to discuss the progress and development of that member off staff and to see as to what training or development they would require and help and support that they would need. 3.3Within supervision we could look at how the person was progressing and how they were achieving their goals was they getting on ok with their challenges or would they need more support, a mentor or a colleague/manager to support them and to maybe guide them. This could be a good way of monitoring their progress and also help them to be more confident within their challenges. 4.1There are many different learning styles that we can look at to reflect good practice, David A Kolb is a professor of organizational behaviour, Reflective observation: reflecting on the event or experience . what went well ?

. what did not go well ?
. Did anything unexpected occur ?
. How do u feel about the experience now ?
Professor Graham Gibbs broke reflective process down in clear stages . description of the situation
. analysis of the situation
. evaluation of the experience
. analysis to make sense of the situation
. conclusion where other options are considered
. Action plan for future learning and development plan.
Professor Chris Johns model breaks down the reflective process down into 5 key stages . Reflection

. influencing factors
. Evaluation
. Learning
. The reflective account provides evidence for (list which units will meet)

4.2It is good to use reflective practice to improve performance because it enables us to write effectively to complete our qualification, one of the common problems with reflective writing is that it can be overly descriptive and lacking analysis. 4.3It is always good to have someone else look at your work to see if there is anything they can see that you have missed or to maybe even make suggestions to you that you might have passed by or even suggest to you another way of working to help improve you performance, two heads are better than one. 4.4Practice has been improved by reflection of good practice by using tape recordings, documenting achievements and mistakes we learn by our mistakes so its always good to hear negative feedback so we can look at what we have done wrong and correct this this
gives us time to reflect on good and bad practice.

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