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The State University Experience Essay

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There is a State University video and it seems cool. It offers a lot of majors and the school is nearby the house. One time he visited the school and has a tour with his parents. There is one tour guide that assist them to the whole University and it seems that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and they wasn’t able to complete the tour. And when they go to the gigantic lecture hall the lights are off and the tour guide can’t find the switch to turn the lights, so they just open the door so that the sunlight could come in. The admissions office sends a letter to his mom and it seems that there is a problem because of the transcript of record is missing and they can’t find it. So he asked his counselor if he sends the transcript and she told that she already send last week.

He’s been accepted to the University and already sends a confirmation form. There are a lot of applications that same information that already passed and he is wondering why they need the same information. It’s a waste of time. There is an orientation in the school and he met a lots of friends and he already know who is his advisor and signed for the classes. After that all he left to do is pay his tuition fee because if not, there will be a problem because he will lose all of his signed class if he didn’t pay the bill on time. He needs to go to the admissions office or to his college office to confirm and check the letter that was being sent to them long time ago because the form and the fee has been paid. It is his first day and it seems it’s stressful for his first day in that university. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

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Ems: How should the State University admissions office improve their service process in accepting enrollees and prevent errors in the system of applications? Abi: How should the Admissions office of the State University improve their service process in accepting enrollees and to remove the waste of time that the customer experiencing while in the process of filling the application forms?


A customer waste of time and bad experience for the first time in a company is a big no to businesses because this will lead to losses and a customer will shift to the other company that offers better service. In this case, a new student want to enroll in the university and to know about the facilities to better know about the school she/he chose, the tour guide doesn’t know what she’s doing and not familiar with the facilities inside the campus. Also, the admissions office has an application form that contains confusing information for the student which cannot easily understand. They also missed some important paper and files about the student which are very important. Furthermore, the university doesn’t access billing information faster and they have lack of financial aid for the student to pay for their bills. As a University they must have a good and organized admissions office to put and keep the important papers in just one place and their process service must be well organized to prevent unnecessary things.


I. The State University should have an application software in computer having a Poka-Yoke device This will help to eliminate the waste in waiting, finding the information and to prevent from missing important papers. Poka-Yoke devices can give warnings if the file has not been saved yet by the admission or it can track errors that they made.

II. The State University Administrators should use Process Management Activities.

This Process Management will help the Admission Office to have a good service process where in the inputs they have in the enrollees will be sequenced properly and they will have a success completion.

III. State University can do Benchmarking

This will compare the service they provide from the other schools and this can improve the service performance of the State University administrators. This eliminates time and resources. It can also identify the performance gaps between the organization and competitors.

IV. The State University should use Value-creation process vis-à-vis with support process

This process will improve the Admission Office in giving services; it will provide specific work steps to the employees in performing the services in the application of enrollees and handling them properly.

V. State University should change their people in charge in the admission office.

They should change the people in charge in the admission office to a well trained and responsible enough to handle files properly because the problem might be on the people in charge why files or application are being misplaced.

Our group recommends the second alternative which is the University should use the Process Management Activity. The university must have enough equipments or materials for the important information of each student that are enrolled in the school and so that they will not experience hard time by finding from different rooms the important documents of a student. Control by means of measuring the process if they met the expected output and the school must continuously improve the service they provide for the customers. To apply those techniques it should be repeatable and measureable. Meeting these two conditions ensures that sufficient data can be collected to reveal useful information for evaluation and control, as well as learning that leads to continuous improvement.


The group learned that service process management in an organization is important factor that the employee and the company must consider because each customer contributes and help the business grow and it affects the business on how to deliver value to its customer. But sometimes, we cannot avoid that the cause of the dissatisfaction of the customer because it is the employee itself. To have an effective process the errors must resolve quickly to prevent repetition so that the customer will prevent from dissatisfying about the service that the employee gives. To develop an efficient procedure the company must be organized and give high standards of performance because this serves as a guide or directions to do a quality standards which leads to efficiency and in satisfying customers.

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